Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's been a Happy Day starting with making cards at Lower Lake Coffee with my friends Adrienne and Tuesdae.

It was Adrienne's first time making cards and Tuesdae's second.

Adrienne's cards

Tuesdae's cards

It was great meeting at the coffee shop. I was a little worried about it getting too noisy, but it was perfect. We were so engrossed in talking and working on our projects, I never even noticed people coming in and out.

I hope more people start coming to future classes. I plan to offer Card Making 101 once a month, meeting at the coffee house where we can sip coffee and work on basic skills.  The cost is $7, or $5 if you bring your own adhesive. Now where can you get two hand-made cards for $7 that people will cherish and love receiving from you.

I will also have advanced classes for making more elaborate projects. These classes will be at Open Gate Church in Lower Lake and the cost will range from $10 and up.  If anyone out there lives in Lake County and wants to join us, please contact me at

I'm already starting to think about Easter and Spring projects. There's just so many fun things we can do. I can't wait!

On a personal note, tonight I went to prayer and worship practice at my new church, City Gate Church in Lower Lake. Tomorrow I'm going to play at service!

Here's one of the songs we will be doing. - O HAPPY DAY!

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